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Order acceptance rules

Check your order very attentively after delivery!

Why is that important?

We are responsible for your parcel safety only until the moment of the handover of goods to transport company. Therefore, Transport Company takes responsibility until the moment of handover the goods to receiver.

When signing in goods receipt you confirm that your parcel is safe and that you have no claims against the Transport Company nor Supplier. Since that moment you are the only one who takes all responsibility for received order!

How to check the order properly?

Check up the package and its content in front of delivery man very attentively.

1. Examine the package – it must not be damaged/stained/ripped.

2. Open the package and checkup the existence of all positions. Pay attention to fragile items.


When ordering equipment/furniture check the existence of all necessary fittings.

*If delivery man is rushing you remember that you have 15 minutes for examining the compliance of Your order. If necessary, you may ask for extra time for separate charge (rates may differ depending on transport company).

*If delivery man denies in giving you time for examining the order – call to Support center of transport company. The phone number must be on goods receipt.


What if you have found a problem?

No worries – it can be resolved.

1. Ask delivery man to provide you with a specific form and take a formal note of parcel opening. Make two samples – one for transport company, one for yourself. If delivery man has no specific form, then take a formal note in free form:

- make a list of damaged items;

-indicate transport company name, order number, delivery address and receiver’s name.

2. Please inform us about your refusal to receive the parcel! We will arrange investigation and will inform you about results.


IMPORTANT: no formal form means you have no claims against completion of goods and package appearance.

The Supplier will not be able to claim against the Transport Company about delivery service if the issue was found without presence of Transport Company representative.

In case of order “Pick-Up” – please check the compliance at the front desk and inform administrator about problems with your order. We will resolve the problem!




1. The Buyer can reject the Goods any time before the Goods were handed to Transport Company.

In case of rejection of Goods by the Buyer, the Company is obliged to return the paid sum to the Buyer no longer than in 10 days after submitting a request for money refund.

2. After receiving low-quality or incomplete Goods, the Buyer must immediately (or within 7 days) inform the Company about it and demand replacement and/or delivery of Goods for complete package. The Buyer can either demand the refund of paid sum for low-quality or missing Goods.

Exchange or return of Goods because of other reasons are unavailable.

3. For checking purposes the Company will expertise the Goods. The Goods must be delivered by the Buyer’s efforts. If expertise states that low-quality of Goods is caused by Buyer’s fault or the quality of Goods is decent, the exchange or return of Goods will not be fulfilled. The Buyer in his turn (within 10 banking days after expertise results) must refund Company’s expenses in his bank account for expertise of Goods.

4. In case of confirmation of incomplete Goods the Buyer must organize the delivery of incomplete Goods or refund the sum in Buyer’s bank account for missing goods (within 10 banking days after expertise results).

5. All claims about quality of purchased Goods, payment terms, fulfilment of Contract conditions must be sent to service@lash.ru

6. All claims about delivery and safety of Goods must be forwarded directly to Transport Company.

7. The Buyer cannot reject the Goods (art.26.1. Russian Federation Law dated 07.02.1992 №2300-1 “On protection of Consumers rights”) of decent quality in case it can be used by the Buyer only: health and hygienic items (electronic tooth brushes, electric razors and massagers etc.), polymeric goods that have contact with food etc.


The full list of non-food items that are non-refundable are on Russian Federation Government Regulation №55 dated 19.01.1998.


We want every order in Pro Glance to make you happier. Please be understanding about following the rules of the Goods receiving!

Have a good shopping 😊